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Install Unsupported apps on iOS 9.3.5 iPad2/3/Mini/4S | Fix YouTube iOS 9.3.5 YouTube not compatible

#ios935 #ios936 #cydia #jailbreak #youtube #phoenix
In this video I am going to show you how to install unsupported apps iOS 9.3.5/9.3.6. This supports any device running iOS 9.3.6/9.3.5 including iPadmini1/4S/iPad2/iPad3 etc.

[NEW] Fix YouTube Error Loading Tap to Retry iOS 9.3.5/9.3.6 \u0026 Install YouTube on iOS 9.3.5/9.3.6:

Phoenix Jailbreak iOS 9.3.5 with PC: (Recommended)




Phoenix Jailbreak iOS 9.3.5 without PC:




Topics Covered:
How to download YouTube on iPad iOS 9.3.5
How to install YouTube in iPad 9.3.5
Fix YouTube update required iOS 9.3.5
YouTube iOS 9.3.5
Install unsupported apps iOS jailbreak
Install unsupported apps iOS
Install unsupported apps iOS 9
How to update YouTube on iPad 9.3.5
How to install unsupported apps on iOS 9.3.5
Fix iOS 9 YouTube update required
Fix iOS 9.3.5 YouTube update required
How to install unsupported apps on iPad
How to install unsupported apps on iPhone
How to install unsupported apps on iOS Cydia
Cydia install unsupported apps
Jailbreak install unsupported apps
Install YouTube iOS 9.3.5
YouTube not compatible with this iPad
YouTube not compatible with iPhone 4s
YouTube not compatible with iPod
YouTube not compatible with iPad 2
YouTube not compatible
YouTube not compatible with iPod touch
YouTube not compatible with iPad iOS 9.3.5
YouTube not compatible with iPad mini 1
YouTube not compatible with iPad 1
YouTube not compatible with iPad 9.3.6
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Burhan Rana : [NEW] Fix YouTube Error Loading Tap to Retry error iOS 9.3.5 / 9.3.6:

[NEW] Fix YouTube update required iOS 9.3.5/9.3.6:

Note: If you are unable to see the Cloud icon, simply login to iTunes and try to install the app. Now using the same ID use that to install the app on your device now you will see the Cloud icon.
Ariane Mukidi : Hi Burhan, thanks for this wonderful helpful video. However, I get stuck in App Admin to confirm. It's giving me a red note: The requested modifications cannot be applied due to required dependence or conflicts that cannot be automatically found or fixed. Can you assist?
Fore cat : Thank you, it was perfectly working. But now, i'm dealing with "you must update to continue". Do you have any solution to resolve this issue? Thank you again.
Panagiotis Zapridis : Hi Burhan, i followed your instructions, but youtune does not loading videos.I tried with many older versions and i got the same result. What is the latest compatible version of Youtube fow ios 9.3.5? Is there any other preferences that i should check? thnx
Christian Guzman : Hello, I followed your instructions but I found a problem. Since I have not installed YouTube before, I don't have the cloud icon and have the "get" button instead. I cannot get the "Hey there" tab and still says "incompatible with this ipad". I tested it on the apps that has the cloud buttons and it works fine but not with apps without the cloud button. Did I installed a different version of the app admin? Thank you.

Is The iPad 2nd Generation Still Usable In 2020?

Sorry about the reflections throughout this video. I'm going to make some drastic changes in the future to improve the video quality and the reflection issue. Anyways I hope you enjoyed the video! Peace!
SRC OldSchool : If you have one that has the media apps on them, then I believe that they should still work (YouTube, Netflix, Hulu, prime) and it would also be a good ereader. I used it for college using the Kindle app. You can also play older games like the roller coaster tycoon classic. If you feel like jailbreaking your iPad there are also emulators and other things like that that can be installed as well. While more of the modern apps are unavailable on it, it's still useful for something's.
Jack Aronowitz : You can get apps like Netflix and YouTube, all you have to do is install them on a compatible iOS device with the same Apple ID and then the iPad will allow you to download the last compatible version of the app! Hope this helps!
Ed Lewis : Nice video thanks for doing it. Too bad our gen 2 spent most of its life in a teachers drawer, unused. Looks brand new and it is but…useless now really.
Adrian Reyes : I found an Ipad 2 in a pawn shop, excellent condition under $80. You are right, no new apps will download, but the existing ones on it work well. Side note: on some apps that don't download, you can still use a web version of the same. I got mine simply for music performance stage purposes, and Architectural client presentations using Google Drive, to show renderings, Designs, and animations. It suits my needs well with a beautiful screen. The itunes audio is fed via the old school audi port which works well with Guitar amps, and equipment. The IPAD 2 is still a workhorse that gets the job done with some engenuity, depending on your needs. that battery lasts forever. I also kept $750 in my pocket.
Ruma Sen : Struggling with issues in downloading certain apps like Pinterest. It seems pretty disappointing to be owning the older version of ipad.

How to Update Old iPad to iOS 14 15 | Install iPadOS 15 on Unsupported iPad

Tenorshare ReiBoot (https://bit.ly/3DA11G5) is one of the top-rated iPhone repair software. When updating Old iPad to iOS 14 15,
you may face some iOS problems like iPhone stuck on black screen, you can use Tenorshare ReiBoot to fix it without losing any data.
With ReiBoot, you can fix iOS 15 issues by yourself, No skill required!
How to Update Old iPad to iOS 14 15 | Install iPadOS 15 on Unsupported iPad | How to Install iOS 14 on Old iPad.
Did you know that Apple has released the latest iPads? i.e. ipadOS 15.
so, how do you get the old ipad to update it to the new ipados, and get the latest features from ipados 15? follow this tutorial how i get it on my unsupported ipad.

To install iPadOS 14/15 features, you need a tool to get this.
i give you the best tweak on cydia. please check the list.

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Email : royjunaidi@icloud.com
instagram : instagram.com/royjunaidi
sergio gutierrez : that´s incredible. the major is fast, more fast

Wenceslaus Msuluza : Am impressed...keep up the great work
MrFirefly : Thank you very much yup done mine on Ipad2 is really really good one as well. Thumbs up and a sub
jeon bunny : omg tysm!! It works, even though it's not upgrading, it's pretty coo!!
Andrew Poh : Hi I tried the steps you gave. Cydia is in but the next step Eclipse Dark Mode IOS 9 is not found. Anyway do I need to install all tweaks so that I can upgrade to ios 15? Your video did not show how to upgrade to IOS 15. Kindly advise. Thanks




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