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A4TECH FG30 & FG35 WIRELESS MOUSE | Global Brand Pvt Ltd

For ordering FG30:

For ordering FG35:

For more MOUSE:

A4Tech FG30 2.4G Wireless Mouse Type: Wireless Connection: 2.4G Hz Operating Range: 10-15m.

A4Tech FG35 Bronze 2.4G Wireless Mouse Type: Wireless Connection: 2.4G Hz Operating Range: 10-15m.

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educatedchicken : it is amazing how you were able to make a mouse review without actually clicking on the LMB and RMB...
Никита Гуреев : Sorry, but unfortunately I don't know your language, +there are no subtitles :(. Can you please say, A4Tech Fstyler FG35 is a good mouse? Is it the same as the A4Tech Fstyler FG30?
Azraf Shahriar Sami : What's the difference between fg30 and fg35?
Stech Anfo : its wirless or blutooth ?

A4TECH G3-200N Wireless Mouse Unboxing

In this video I want to unboxing A4TECH G3-200N Wireless Black Color Mouse
A4Tech G3-200n is great Wireless Mouse come with high speed connectivity feature.
The battery performance is Awesome it give you long life 7 Month battery Backup as my own Experience.

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Giovanni : This is an excellent budget mouse for essential uses, first time i buy a silent clicks mouse. Totally worth it if you need for work or home use. Not gaming tho
TWS PLAYZ : i use this mouse like 8 months and its a prety good mouse
Marvin Serrano : Hello.. What is the use of that USB thing that you put beside the battery? Do you have a video showing how to use it? Because I bought one yesterday. Thank you!!!
Abrar Ahmed : where is on-off switch
Leixl Buhay Montealto : I have a problem opening the battery cover...help

Connect A4Tech Bluetooth Mouse to Mac/PC

Connect and configure your A4Tech Bluetooth Mouse to your Mac or PC. Simple video tutorial on connecting A4Tech 3.0 Bluetooth Mouse to Macbook Air
sarmad gillani : thanks man it works
Maleorene Evangelista : THANK YOUUUU!!!
LoneWolf : will any wireless mouse from a4tech work on Mac ?
Imran Zafar : i have a4tech mouse but i have lost my USB dongle, can i pair that mouse with new dongle.?
Be Motivated : my mouse a4tech-bt330 ask for pin code .what i have to do?




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