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Cycling news - Moscon disqualified after reacting with rage following the crash - Kuurne - Brussels

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JooRien : Its good to disqualified him for his inappropriate behavior
Julian Evans : Racism and violence. He's a lovely fella.
Hulk Truck : Go cry

Gianni Moscon THROWING BIKE at Debusschere : Kuurne-Brussels-Kuurne 2020

Gianni Moscon was disqualified from Kuurne Brussels Kuurne last night after he threw a bike in Jens Debusschere's face after a bingle before the cote du trieu. In this video I analyse whether Moscon should have been disqualified and some of the potential ramifications for Moscon's career.

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withthehorde : 'No one's forcing you to throw a bike at Jens Debusschere'

Incorrect, my friend. I'm under constant existential pressure to do just that.
Erik Poppe : Throwing someone else's bike is a wrong example no matter the reason whether he knew debusschere was there or not
WelcomeToLife BetweenPandemics : You're Fired. That's what he needs to hear.
The team is enabling him if he continues to ride for them.
Grow up cycling!
David Silberberg : Love your channel. Your knowledge and flavorful commentary on cycling events keep us coming back. Any thoughts on live race coverage on television?
Shane Miller - GPLama : Love your work LR. Straight down the line informed analysis.

Paris Roubaix 2021 Gianni Moscon LOST Because Of Disc Brakes!

Gianni Moscon gave away his BEST chance of winning Paris Roubaix by following orders to ride a heavier, slower bike with INFERIOR tire tech.

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Pau Marti : Definitely Moscon was the strongest rider yesterday even opening gaps when riding the cobble sections. That bike change was awful to watch and the flat tire caught Ineos Team off guard. I still think he would of pulled it off had he not crashed but man, that tubular pressure was too high. It was painful to watch him sliding all over the place on the cobbles after having ridden superbly well on those sections before the bike change.
alex simon : "I don't like progress. I think as you get older, you find it isn't progress, it's only change, and isn't change always for the better. You find out it don't stand up." -Jack Taylor (legendary bicycle builder)
Tommy McMahon : I’ve found that the discs mostly lock up when the road surface is bad on a descent and the back wheel leaves the tarmac for a split second - if you don’t immediately release the brake as the wheel skips up, can be very sketchy. Can’t even imagine what it would be like to try to control at pro race speed.
José Luis Rodríguez Vázquez : I agree with the tyre pressure being off. Too much pressure if you ask me. I think Moscon even said that himself after the race. He could not ride the same after swapping bikes. It got too bumpy for him to handle. In my opinion that's what made him crash and ultimately lose the race.
Luke Walker : I think the key to life is the harmony of many things that strike a common resonance. Most important things are...the light on Harley's visor, pro riders crashing due to disc brakes in the mud, and most important, can anybody deny that any one of these riders would have won on Harley's SL7 grown in his garden with special compost? Latter is the magic elixlr mixed in with special herbs and spices to give the downtube just the right flex. Let me know if this qualifies as a legitimate discussion worthy of youtube uploads.




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